CLIMATE IS WATER LEARN MORE 10% OF WATER WASTED A typical single-family home in Jamaica
uses between 3000 - 5000 gallons of
water per month with about
10% being wasted.
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LIMITED WATER AFFECTS THE HOUSING SECTOR Learn More Climate Change negatively impacts the water supply
& threatens availability and sustenance in the local housing sector
REDUCE WATER CONSUMPTION Water saving devices &
good conservation practices
can reduce water consumption
by as much as 30%

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JN Foundation's Water Project Implementation - Nationwide Interview

JN Water Project - Water Adaptation Guidelines Interview

Financing Water Adaptation In Jamaica’s New Urban Housing Sector

The Jamaica National Foundationthrough its Water Project is committed to helping householders and developers across Jamaica to improve water use efficiency in several ways.

JN Water Adaptation Project Support Pillars.

The project exemplifies the IDB’s attempt to provide innovative financing that will help to make Jamaica more adaptable to climate change and certainly improve our capacity in terms of drought resilience.

Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation

The importance of water has long been disregarded, with some people treating it as “an unending stream”. So, part of the objective of this project is to bring a greater level of awareness to what is not an unending supply, but actually a scarce resource that we need to respect and use carefully.

Earl Jarrett, JN General Manager

The impact of climate change is becoming more and more evident and soon we are going to start to feel those effects in Jamaica . So, anything we can do to mitigate the impact is really important.

Therese Turner Jones, IDB Representative


JN Water Project FAQs

The Water Project is a four year collaboration between The Jamaica National Group, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and Climate Investment Fund (CIF).  The project aims “To enhance Jamaica’s climate resilience through the use of water- adaptation technology in the country’s housing sector”  and will provide funding to housing developers and homeowners to encourage the use of water adaptation technologies in the sector.

The effects of climate change on water supply is real. With continued use and mismanagement, there will be an increased strain on Jamaica’s water supply. The Jamaica National Foundation through its Water Project is therefore committed to helping householders and developers across Jamaica to improve water use efficiency in several ways with appropriate water technologies and conservation practices.

JN serves as administrators of the project’s two main components.  JN Bank will manage the loan of funds to implement water adaptation technologies in the housing sector and JN Foundation leads the technical component to drive awareness around the benefits of water adaptation and the proposed technologies for the housing sector in Jamaica.

The primary beneficiaries are Householders and developers.  Yet several other persons will benefit such as: small local businesses, National Water Commission and Entrepreneurs.  See the full list of beneficiaries

Qualifications for the financing aspect of the project will be available once the product is launched.