Water Adaptation

Why Water Adaptation?

Climate change will manifest as water management problems – Climate is Water!  Therefore, water adaptation is a process of adjusting the way we do things to minimize negative impacts related to droughts and the resulting inconsistent water supply as well as managing flood events.


Ongoing  water management issues related to climate change continues to be the most serious threat to sustainable development facing Small Island Developing States (SIDS).  In the case of Jamaica, drought and shifting patterns of rainfall will exacerbate serious challenges already impacting the country’s water supply and distribution system.  Some of these challenges include: capital and operational budgetary constraints, aging assets, population growth, urbanization and environmental degradation.  There is also the problem of inconsistent water supply negatively impacting local communities as well as the business models of housing developers and construction companies.  In addition, limited financing and an uncertain business case for water adaptation are barriers to the uptake of water efficient measures by the housing development sector.

The Water Project therefore seeks to improve the water use efficiency by Jamaican households and to increase climate resilient housing on the island.   

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